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The Future of WordPress


The Future of WordPress


WordPress used to be a run of the mill blogging platform, but just look where it is now. Today it is an extremely successful content management system that powers millions of websites all over the world, including some huge names like Coca-Cola and many others.

It has become a long way since its humble beginnings, but has its growth now come to an end, or is there a lot more development and features in the pipeline?


Why Is WordPress so Successful?

There is a huge array of reasons as to why WordPress is so successful. The editor is one of the main reasons that people choose it over other systems. Webmasters are able to see how their content and media will look on the website before making the changes public.

Another excellent feature is that it allows users to choose among thousands of plugins that enable new functionalities on the sites. There are more than 53,000 of them available, so site owners can be sure that they will find some that works for them.

Similarly, thousands of free themes are also available so designers can make their sites look exactly as they want.


Beyond 2018

Ease of Use

WordPress already offers its users a simple way to build websites from scratch. Despite its ease of use, it is by no means the easiest website builder out there, especially during the setup process. Some platforms like Wix and Weebly offer a simple drag and drop method where a website can be assembled in just a few clicks.

For some people, they do play pretty much the same role as WordPress would, but they target people who want to build a website very quickly.

Compared to them, WordPress is slightly more complex, but this is due to the fact that WordPress provides total control and much greater functionality.

The truth is that there are many WordPress themes that enable drag and drop site building without sacrificing the versatility of the platform.

For example, such editing tool may include modular functionality, making easy to add different parts to a web page and a much easier way to format posts and pages.

Beginner Friendly

There are two different types of WordPress. WordPress.com has remained pretty much a blogging platform since its creation. Its self-hosted brother is the one that has moved onto bigger and better things. It is a self-hosted solution and it powers millions of websites.

Self-hosted means that the site owner must find a suitable web hosting provider, install and manage (update, modify) WordPress herself. This sounds a bit scarier than it actually is, especially given the fact that some of the best hosting companies have dedicated WordPress hosting packages. These plans are optimized for the CMS in many ways. At the very least, WordPress is pre-installed and usually is updated automatically by the host.

The self-hosted version provides total control and unmatched functionality.

For comparison, only in 2017 for the first time, the hosted platform allowed some of its WordPress.com premium users to install custom plugins and themes on their sites, a luxury that was available for years (for free) only in the self-hosted version.

This change was brought about to combat the threat of other rival website builders, but essentially, WordPress was also competing with itself. If this availability continues, people may start to look at WordPress.com in a very different way, and could open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Language Support

Currently, WordPress supports a few different languages. As its user base is expected to expand dramatically in the future, it is expected that many themes and plugins will be translated into more languages as and when the demand for it appears.


Mobile Phones

Although WordPress has already adapted to the rising use of mobile phones, this is expected to develop even further, as more and more users shift over to mobile browsing.

Users now have a preference for endless scrolling rather than multiple pages. This improves the overall experience as there is the minimum effort required while browsing.

Mostly all modern WordPress themes sport responsive design, making the transition between screens and devices seamless, without any manual fiddling and redesigning.


Voice Control

A new plugin is available for WordPress users that allows WordPress site owners the ability to add text-to-speech capabilities to written content. Voice interaction is becoming more common as new AI bots are making their way into our lives. Therefore, it is becoming essential for site owners to provide website content in audio format.

This means that customers can access the site through a range of new channels, including audio players of mobile podcast applications. In the future, more and more people will have access to content even while they are away from the screen.


All in all, the self-hosted version of WordPress is an extremely powerful website building tool. With minimal effort and very small learning curve, it is ideal for people who wish to establish a strong and lasting online presence without delving into technicalities.


Infographics URL: https://websitebuilder.org/resources/amazing-facts-you-probably-dont-know-about-wordpress/

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