What Is A Messenger Bot?

A messenger bot is simply an interactive way for you to automatically communicate with your prospects and customers inside Facebook Messenger. In other words, messenger or chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.They can transform the way you interact with the Internet.


If you wanted to buy shoes from Shoe Online Store, you would go to their website, look around until you find the shoes you wanted, and then you would purchase them.

If this particular Online Store makes a bot, you would simply be able to message them on Facebook. It would ask you what you’re looking for and you would simply… tell it.
Instead of browsing a website, you will have a conversation with the bot, mirroring the type of experience you would get when you go into the retail store.
What Can A Messenger Bot Do?
Essentially the possibilities are endless with chatbots, but these are the most common use cases for small or big businesses.
Lead Generation

Say goodbye to contact us forms

Double your conversions from marketing campaigns by routing your ad traffic to a chatbot.
Your chatbot reaches out to your potential customers in real-time and qualifies them automatically with regular follow-ups to give you high-quality leads.
Content Marketing

Segment and target your audience and send them engaging personalised content.

Nurture your bot users by sending them regular content and convert them into leads.
Manage various messaging subscriptions and newsletters and automatically send content from your blog, youtube channel and other content platforms.
Powerful Solution

Create and customise beautiful messages from our Rich Message Composer.

Dig deep into your bot performance with our detailed insights and Analytics
Chat with your Customers directly in Converse.
Browse through all your leads and segment them with our rich filter options in Audience.
Deploy your chatbot to our ever-growing list of supported channels including facebook messenger and your website.
Why should you have a bot?
 Reports Of 88% Open Rate And 56% Click Through Rate
Your emails are probably getting 15-20% open rates. Neil Patel reported open rates of 88% and Click Through Rates of 56%. What would that do to your bottom line?
 First Mover Advantage
The sooner you get a bot on your page the better your results will be. Emails used to have a 99% open rate. Banner ads used to have a 70% click rate. Everything new is more effective until EVERYONE starts using it.
 Better User Experience

Messenger is constantly evolving and the user experience is much better than SMS. For example, Messenger has a number of pre-built UI elements like cards, carousels, quick response buttons, a persistent menu and even checkout cards.

Consumers can buy items directly through messenger without being redirected somewhere else.
 Selling In Messenger

Selling in Messenger is designed to be seamless. Facebook already has the payment details and making a purchase is as simple as clicking a button.

What makes this even more interesting, is your opportunity to recover abandoned shopping carts. The average shopping cart gets abandoned 65% of the time. Unlike websites, where the user can abandon the cart and never return to the site, you know who is using the bot and you have direct access to the user. This means that he will have multiple opportunities to execute the sale and it also means that your sales team can quickly intervene and help close the sale.

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I Want A Bot. What Now?
 Step 1 – Place An Order Here On Our Website


Pretty self-explanatoryy. After your order has been placed we’ll guide you through the following process.
 Step 2 – Quiz
Fill out a short quiz that let’s us know what your bot should contain.
 Step 3 – Production
We create the content of your bot. You give feedback and we make adjustments until you are happy.
 Step 4 – Installation

Once you’re happy with your bot content, we’ll install it onto your Facebook page, and give you a great education on how to actually start using your bot to get new subscribers. We’ll also show you how to keep building on your bot as we generally help you with the setup, and in order to maximize your results you’ll need to continuously build and update your bot.

We will NOT need access to your Facebook page credentials, and you will become the owner of the bot once our work is done!
 Happy Customer Alerts!
Brandi Good
Social Media Trainer & Coach

If you’re thinking about implementing Messenger Bots into your marketing strategy – and you totally should – but you’re like oh lord not another thing to learn? Then my advice would be to hire hotleadbots.com to do it for you! From setting up all the automation in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy or spammy to working with you in a proactive way to get your audience all excited- I highly recommend them!

Simon Arthor
Personal Chef & Owner
Hotleadbots.com set up my Facebook bot and it was amazing! They were friendly and organized, communicated frequently to keep me updated on the project progress, and now I have a bot that is automating my lead generation and client acquisition. I purchased the basic bot with monthly maintenance and support. This was the est offer for me, as chef there are not much time for me to keep eye on the bot and develop it. Thanks to hotleadbots.com for sure will recommended to my friends.
Michael Besod
Personal Chef & Owner
This was a totally new experience! As a one-chick show doing all the things, it’s not always easy. With this tool, I can keep nurturing + help my community in my own unique way. Hotleadbots.com provided me with all the information + was there to answer all my questions. I had tons of fun working with them on this project – the outcome is very warm, personal and more importantly, it definitely inspires conversation.
 Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s address some of the common questions we get..
 Why do you use the Chatfuel platform over others?
We use Chatfuel because it works, it’s free, and it’s very user-friendly for us and our clients. At the end of the day there is a finite number of features available to the public inside Facebook Messenger, so the truth is that most of the software platforms that offer chatbot services are very similar in terms of what they allow you to do.
 Why do I need a bot?
It’s simple. People read 5-10% of their emails, but up to 97% read their Messenger messages. How many people would you rather see your message? 10% or 97%?
 If Chatfuel is free, why should I pay you?
The easiest comparison we can make is that of a web design agency that uses WordPress. WordPress is free, but someone still has to put in the time & expertise to create your website. If you know what you are doing, and you have the time, you can create your own chatbot on Chatfuel. If you want someone more experienced to simply do the work for you, then you hire us.
 I have some questions.
Have any questions, send us a email to info@schemaconsultant.com and be sure to check out the FREE DEMO here