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What you will get:

2Hrs Consultation:

We will give you 1 hour of consultation after the comprehensive audit has been delivered to you, and another hour after you have implemented all the things that have been mentioned.

The consultation is with our Director of SEO, who’s SEO know-how is unparalleled.

He recently did a presentation at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, Warwick University, in front of polished SEO experts and blew them away with the depth he went into.

Here’s him in action:


Keyword Research:

We would use a combination of tools. Firstly assessing which keywords would be relevant for you to appear for, and then by process of elimination, using things like Google Trends to assess the future potential of keywords.

AHrefs Keyword Explorer/SEMrush is also used to check the search volume to competition ratio, as well as using good old common sense to assess how worthwhile keywords would be for you to go after.

We will also assign those keywords to their landing pages, and if there are no suitable landing pages on your site for any keywords, we will advise you to create pages for them.

Comprehensive On-site audit:

Our SEO geniuses will create a thorough, step by step and easily actionable on-page analysis of your whole site for you to implement.

The aim of this is to significantly boost the crawlability of your site, retain and direct the flow of authority, as well as create topical clusters on-site.

The report is broken into Technical SEO and Content SEO, with each section addressing many of the Google ranking factors that will have the largest impact on your site.

This is a bespoke report that is tailored around your website and your niche, with a much greater depth than just meta-descriptions, page titles etc that a simple software could generate.

Here’s an example report for you to see.

Backlink Audit:

Over time your link profile will pick up toxic links.

We will help you clean this up so that you get off to a great start.

This will involve manually going through your link profile jotting down the naughty links/domains within a spreadsheet, and then generating a disavow file for you to upload on your Search Console at your discretion.

If you need guidance on how to do that we would be happy to help you there.

Google Console & Analytics Optimisation:

There are a few settings you can tweak on the Google Console which can give you quick wins by clarifying certain bits of data for Google.

Just give us access, and we will give you a list of changes that you need to make there, if necessary.

We will also make sure that full tracking is properly set up in Google Analytics so no important data is lost.

This may also involve removing any spam bot data, using Google filters, as spam bots can sometimes distort traffic data.

So here’s the question:

Have you at least $2,000 to spend each month on pure SEO work? if so then you need to contact us NOW and get your online business ranking at the top of Google.