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10 Tips on Creating an AWESOME Social Media Blog Post

10 Tips on Creating an AWESOME Social Media Blog Post


Social Media Blog Post

Before I start to address the issue of creating blog posts that subsequently gain a lot of traction (and reader attention) on social media, it is first important to discuss the relatively recently-forged relationship that exists between these two new-age conceptions of the World Wide Web. And at the very outset of this piece, I’d also like to state that in order to implement any of the tips that have been listed here, you (the recipient of this information) are advised to subscribe to a high-speed web subscription service – like the one offered by TDS Internet.

So onward with the topic at hand…

In a nutshell, people (whether for promoting their professional or personal interests) put a lot of time & effort in scribbling a seemingly endless number of blog posts; which, for publicity purposes, require the medium of social media to reach popular audiences. Even a well-written and informative blog, which addresses some crucial reader issue or needs, fails to realize its full effective potential without a fair degree of strategic promotion.

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Platforms like Facebook and Twitter (among many others) continue to serve this end for bloggers, and with their inbuilt options for paid (commercial) publicity, normally succeed in greatly expanding the readers-base for their users.

Blog posts, in contrast to their paid advertisement-style worded counterparts, lend a personal touch to the effect that they cast on their spectators’ mindsets. They have a comforting, humanizing quality about them that soothes the attention spans of readers, and facilitates the subtle transfer of all manner of commercial and informative messaging – without stimulating people’s defence mechanisms in any restricting way.

When considered from this angle, and particularly when they come complimented with enticing graphical & multimedia productions (fitted neatly alongside the text), the profit-maximizing advantages and benefits that may be reaped from blogging on social media are made obvious.

Based on my extensive experience in content marketing and blogging (and dealing with a varied assortment of small business owners & large MNC’s that crucially depend upon the written word for getting their products & services into the limelight), I have decided to compile my Top 10 tips list on creating a stellar blog post.

Not all of the points contained in this piece may be appropriate for your individual set of blogging concerns – but I’m pretty sure that most of them will. Even still, it never hurts to gain an extra dosage of knowledge whenever it chances to show itself (and which may come in handy at some point in the future).


1.    Identify Your Primary Audience Group(s)

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This first point might seem like a no-brainer, but I cannot stress how very important it proves to the success of any particular blog-posting venture.

Before starting to write, you have to keep in mind the living dynamics of this age that we currently inhabit, and how most people don’t have the luxury of time at their disposal (after striving to meet their daily work obligations) to peruse large pieces of text. And irrespective of how much beneficial knowledge may be contained within them.

Based on these considerations, you may come to appreciate why most readers might only be interested in going through those particular blogs that appear to hold some value for them or the ones that address a specific need of theirs. An adolescent audience will definitely have different reading interests than a middle-aged one – and so it is up to you (as a blogger) to include sizeable chunks of information within your written works to cater to your narrowly-defined reader base (and sustain their attention spans in your favour).

When writing for specified audiences, you also need to take care of the tone, diction and expression of the language forms that you intend to use – so that the reader’s interest is retained well past the first introductory paragraph.

Even a paid promotion (that – often irritatingly – shows up as the first thing in a social media user’s newsfeed) will end up wasting money – if it is not tailored towards the audience that it seeks to attract.


2.    Make Use of Catchy Content Optimization Techniques

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Nowadays, whenever the issue of online written content is discussed (particularly in the business-organizational context), SEO manages to feature into the debate in one way or another.

To put it simply, Search Engine Optimization techniques (which have been discovered gradually over the last few decades by unofficial hordes of self-ascribed search engine analysts) help in formatting pieces of text in such a way that they show up prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs).

These tactics can be applied to both on-page (website) and off-page (compositions published on unaffiliated third-party platforms) content manuscripts, and include such stylistic prescriptions as targeted keywords placement, the use of concise & relevant headings and subheadings, as well the textual incorporation of search-engine friendly title tags & meta-descriptions.

By formatting your blog posts in accordance with common SEO guidelines, you can significantly enhance its search engine ranking potential (which in turn raises the prospects of their being discovered by interested readers when they plug in relevant search queries on Google).

SEO is probably the best mechanism through which organic search traffic can be diverted to your desired web or blog pages for free, and many commercial organizations these days normally take care to employ a handful of skilled SEO technicians as part of their regular online marketing details.


3.    Introduce Some Elements of Drama into Your Writings


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Let’s face it.

No one likes to spend his/her time contending with a bland piece of text; even if it may practically be brimming with a large reserve of useful information. Dry prose, which is the kind of language that you often get to encounter in school and college textbooks, has a peculiar and unsettling way of putting its readers to sleep. It requires extra mental effort to decipher and appreciate; energy that can be much better utilized in pursuing some other (more engaging) reading task.

Dramatic forms of writing, which make use of metaphors, similes, analogies, paradoxes, riddles and euphemisms (to name a few of the common types of literary devices regularly made use of by professional writers) can help to alleviate this problem. By keeping readers in a constant state of wonder and guess-work, as well as providing them with the opportunity of patting themselves on the back for a discovery that they may have successfully made through their own psychological endeavours, clever blog posts can play a crucial role in begetting timely sales conversions for their writing originators.

Short pithy quotations or references to archetypal characters (from classic publications seeped into society & culture) can also yield the same results.

But when experimenting with the writing tools elaborated above, prospective social media bloggers need to take care not to become too ambitious in deploying them within their text pieces. Too much of a good thing, as they say, has an opposite effect to the one intended – and in the case of the writing craft, may result in the author appearing to be too pompous (to his/her detriment).


4.    Use the Narrative Tone


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Now, who doesn’t love a good story or two?

In the old days (before the advent of the modern-day amenities of the Internet, television, and even the radio), people mostly had recourse only to books to satiate their appetite for some much-needed entertainment. Novels constituted the ideal forms that made room for these imaginative adventures to be pursued within the minds of readers, and even today, their popularity continues to climb; even though they gradually seem to have shifted formats from the traditional paperback variety to the more electronic eBook format.

More so than any other genre of composition, stories (penned in the narrative frame) have a decidedly more assertive and intuitive impact on their reader’s sub-conscience. Some psychologists assert that our affinity for listening and responding positively to stories may have something to do with the evolutionary makeup of our minds. Historians like to relate accounts of medieval (and older) human communities gathering around sprawling campfires – with entire towns often included in this exercise – to listen with bated breath to the conjured narrations of someone from their own ranks.

In light of this observed trend, I have always tried to write my blog posts as if I were scribbling away at a story stuck in my mind. And I would urge you to do the same – even if most of the work that you do is of a formal nature.

If it’s some commercial success that you’re after, then this suggestion might well lure in both readers to your blog posts – with greater cash bonuses in the offing.


5.    Include Short Explanatory Videos & Infographics


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As a blogger, I often have to explain some of the concepts and phrases that I am forced to use within my written productions – with many of these references being academic in nature. Long ago, I understood (and fully internalized the lesson) that not all of my readers come from a strong collegiate or theoretical background – and this happened to be more than ok.

This leads these categories of my blog subscribers the advantage of having their minds untainted by any confining academic constructs – which college grads like to exhibit so vaingloriously on occasion – and the mental flexibility of learning new facts (as well as making up their minds totally by themselves).

I’d like to reiterate that this state of ‘unfamiliarity’ is not always such a bad thing.

However, in order to impart some sense of what I mean, I make regular use of short (5 min) video presentations and neat infographics – which feature my voice and/or drawing skills attempting to deconstruct scholarly conceptions didactically for my readers.

And I would strongly recommend you to do the same in your blog posts.

These nifty teaching utilities will not only provide more reading/informational value to your audience but will also imbue your blogs with some pleasing ‘color’ and interactive vibrancy.


6.    Insert Hyperlinks to Reputable Sources

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Hyperlinking is the technique of inserting anchor links (URLs) to reputable online webpages in the middle of your texts. Much like citations in the academic world, these can serve as bibliographical references to give credit to the knowledge-sources from where you (the blogger) obtain your information from.

Hyperlinks can also be used to create virtual bridges between two or more of your own blog posts. This type of interlinking has obvious SEO benefits, in that these established linkages make way for both user traffic & search engine bots to remain within the ‘realm’ of your own authored productions – something which increases SERP rankings in the long run.

Usually depicted in the blue highlighted text format, hyperlinks definitely also cast a certain kind of visual allure in the minds of readers – and lend a degree of credibility to your claims.


7.    Place Social Media ‘Share’ Boxes on Top


social media sharing 

As a reader, you might have come across these fun-looking social media boxes inserted in the corners of many popular web pages and blogs. If you didn’t know this already, these nifty little sharing utilities allow the people who visit your published blog posts to share them instantly on their social media platforms of choice – thereby increasing their chances of becoming viral pieces of content.

Not only that – you must admit that they look kind of cute!

Any excuse to induce some more colour into your blogs, right…

As such, social media boxes do constitute a definite win-win scenario in my book.


8.    Have Liberal Fun with Personal Anecdotes

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Just like the story-format makes your written works more digestible for a reader’s attention, so too do the personal anecdotes of events from your life.

When trying to elaborate on a concept where abstract analogies just don’t seem to be work comprehensively enough, anecdotes (particularly when they are mentioned alongside these points in the text) have a way of explaining ideas more animatedly. At the same time, they also make the reader connect with your unique mindset; thereby forming a bond that makes it feel as if a conversation is taking place through the medium of the screen.

So when you go about writing that next blog piece of yours, be sure to include them wherever you reckon that some personalization and repo-building is due.


9.    Make New Word Coinages

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Sometimes, you just need to invent a new word or phrase – when those that presently exist within the lexicon prove insufficient in fully expressing what you are trying to state. On such occasions, coinages (which are your very own formulations of words in the language of your choosing) come in particularly handy in getting your message across to your readers.

At the same time as helping you to convey your intended information correctly, they also introduce an element of fun within your blogs.


10. Let it out into the World

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And lastly, after you are done with writing your blog post (and hopefully making use of the advice rendered here), you will not succumb to the pressure of your nerves (and self-doubt weighing down on you) – and will decide to let your creativity & hard work make its way out into the world.


You owe it to yourself (and not only your professional organization) to make it happen.


So there you have it!

My short series of prescriptions for creating a fantastic social media blog post.

I know that the web is literally flooded with all manner of other tips & tricks to achieve this end – but I have listed the ones that have always worked well for me.

I think my next post will have something to do with the rising cost of Internet services in the U.S market – for which I have received many requests from my readers (as of late).

Can’t wait to get back writing again…to be sure.

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Author Bio:

Stephen N. Mills is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As San Francisco resident, he loves reading books and writing on different topics like SEO, Branding, Health and etc. That’s where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Stephen co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.

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