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January 16, 2018
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Local SEO Services, Do You Really Need It?

Local SEO

Local SEO Services, Do You Really Need It?

Local SEO Services

Ah, yes. The internet. It has changed the way we communicate, gather and share information and even how and where we shop. If your business has an online presence, do you really need any help in competing against the millions of other websites out there? Well, that really depends on whether or not you plan on becoming a successful business owner or not. Let’s look at why you may have to consider the services of a local SEO expert to get your online business noticed.


1 – It’s All About Getting To Know Those Search Engines


Back in the day when there were only about fifty websites in the entire world, it was easy to find what you were looking for. Now that there are so many more online, you will need some help getting visitors to yours. It’s a lot like owning a storefront on an out-of-the-way street in a huge city. Not everyone is going to know your business exists nor will they be able to find it. Plus, how many of your competitors are they going to pass on the hunt to locate your front door? Local SEO services help your existing and potential new customers wade through all of that and provides a direct path to your website. In fact, SEO stands for search engine optimization. That’s a fancy way of saying that your website gets friendly with the search engines. With proper SEO practices, the search engines begin to mention your website as it gets to know it better.


2 – Its A Lot To Do With Keywords, Baby!


Remember the old days when you used to use a phone book to find someone or a business? In that book, you would look under ‘clothing’ to locate clothing stores or ‘plumbing’ to find plumbers. Well, with local SEO services the same rules apply. In the internet world, those words are called keywords. It’s what a lot of people use when they ask search engines to look into their directories to locate a clothing store, plumber or whatever it is you need some information on. With a local SEO expert working on your website the proper keywords will be added to the parts of your website that the search engines read and pay attention to. Then, when someone enters those keywords in a search inquiry, your website will start to become one of the choices offered as an answer. It’s a bit scientific but easy once you have the right local SEO tips being used.


3 – Its Got To Do With Cutting Down The Fluff


Sure, the kid down the street in Grade 10 may be considered a computer whizz by his peers but he may not really be the right choice to build and maintain your website. That’s only because he won’t be totally up on the new stuff nor will he have access to the tools that a professional web developer will have in their arsenal. Plus, as fancy a website he can build for you, chances are that it’ll contain some things that search engines don’t really like so much. That’s right. Search engines are finicky electronic entities and they need to be fed a steady diet of the things they enjoy and understand. It’s sort of like feeding peanut butter to someone with a nut allergy. Sooner or later they are going to quit coming around to see you. Search engines can do the same thing if the kid down the street building your website accidentally puts a document or file in your website that the search engines don’t understand or just plain don’t like. With local SEO services provided by a certified web developer, your website – and ultimately your online presence – won’t suffer.


4 – Without Local SEO Services, You May As Well Be Invisible


Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that the world is going to suddenly come pounding at your virtual front door. When you don’t use local SEO tips like keywords and other language and tricks that attract search engines to your website something very interesting happens. Your website just sits there. It’s a lot like an abandoned piece of space junk that just floats around in space that only gets noticed once in a while. You could say that you would be experiencing the same kind of non-activity if you had an unlisted phone number. But the point behind having a web presence is so others can find your online business or service and seek you out to assist them. So, just because you have a website doesn’t mean it’ll be all that easy to find within that cloud of a few million other websites online today. Plus the 10-thousand or more new ones added tomorrow and the next day. It is SEO services that allow your website to fight through that cloud of competition in order to be noticed.


5 – Your Stuff Will Always Be Current And In Compliance


Search engines tend to switch things up every now and again. It’s their way of keeping things fresh and evening the playing field. In other words, what may be working with your website SEO this week may not be as current or efficient six months from now should the search engines choose to alter the way they read and share websites to matching inquiries. With a local SEO web developer in your corner they can make the necessary changes to the metadata and other unseen by human eyes clues that are attached to your website that just the search engines see. What this means is that your website won’t lose any ground and that your pages will still rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs). That’s the listing of potential matches that a search engine will spit out to anyone who uses terms or keywords that match the ones being used with your website. Again, kind of technical and finicky but that’s what your web developer is for – they worry about that stuff so you don’t have to.

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