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Using Schema Structured Data For WordPress

Schema-Structured-data-300x212.jpgDo you use WordPress to create and manage your content? WordPress is one of the best site-creating tools since it is very easy to use and includes a wide range of features. The many plugins available on this platform make WordPress an easily customizable tool.
Schema structured data for WordPress is the latest trend you need to be aware of if you use this platform for your website or your blog. Schema includes a number of markups webmasters can use to tag their content. This is an innovation created by search engines so that content can be easier to identify. This is especially useful for content that cannot be interpreted by search engines, such as images and videos.
You can for instance use Schema markups to indicate which image is the most representative one for your content. You can also use markups to provide more information about the content or importance of a video. Structuring your content with these markups help search engines better understand what your webpages are about so they can be displayed for relevant searches.
You need to start using Schema markups for your content. This will boost the results of your SEO campaign since your content will be easier to identify, index and rank for search engines. This could result in a lot more visits to your website and your content development strategy will really pay off.
Markups draw attention to the important elements on your page and will improve the way your content is displayed in search results or when you share links on social media. Using markups to identify your main image for instance means that this image will be displayed along with the links to your content you share.
This simple strategy should boost click through rates whenever links to your content are shared. Displaying previews of the elements that matter will make it easier to determine what your webpages are about and Internet users will be more likely to click on your links if they can get a better idea of the kind of content they can find.
Using Schema structured data for WordPress is easy to do. These markups were created so that anyone can use them. The markups are the same from one language to another. However, there is no need to actually learn about the vocabulary and the markups if you use WordPress.
SEO-Campaign-300x200.jpgThere are several WordPress plugins designed to automatically add these important markups to your existing content. You can use one of these plugins to easily add markups and identify the important elements on your old pages and blog posts. These Schema plugins will also automatically add relevant markups when you create new content. This is a quick and easy way to make your content easier to find and to boost your click through rates.
Using Schema markups on WordPress is very easy thanks to the many plugins you can use to automatically add these markups to your content. You should take the time to optimize all your existing content and make sure markups are added to the new content you create.

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