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Top 3 Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Why do people often get amazed when they listen about a wireless technology? It’s because wireless has always been the future. The technology has yet reached to a level where you can easily go with no more tangled cords.

No knotty cords and extra weight is probably the biggest reason people like to buy Bluetooth earphones. The wireless earphones generally have a good sound quality along with the noise cancellation capability. Even the battery life is getting improved over time.

If you’re a work out freak than it’s probably the best solution to have wireless earphones. Since wired earphones get stuck at any random stranger’s bag or on table corner which is pretty much annoying. If you’re looking for a nice pair of Bluetooth earbuds than this guide will let you select the best headphones for you.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews 2019

1. Optoma NuForce BE6i


Optoma earbuds are quite expensive but a vigorous set of earphones anyone could have. They have aluminum coated body with a significant sound standard. Since it has aluminum material, a bit heavy but resistant body will last-long. Its outer look and feel is up-to-the-minute. Another feature is Battery life, 8 hours a day which is going to be improved more. As its coming with more minor upgrades. Best fit for sportsmen and swimmers because of its water resistance capacity.

If you really want the best sound quality, then choose those earphones which best fit into your ears. It would not only give you a noise cancellation feature but also a good bass feature.


The overall sound quality is really good for casual listening. If you’re looking for good in-ear headphones than go for it as it has the best sound quality and a battery life. One thing is annoying as its plastic USB covering couldn’t open without tearing it with your nails but this is not so bad that you would step back from getting these headphones.


Manufacturer: Optoma

Weight: 18 grams

Battery Life: 8 hours

Wireless Range: 98 feet

2. Optoma NuForce BE Sport4


Talk about the design feature, it’s pretty much sleekly and light in weight. Perfect for the runners that doesn’t feel heavy because of light weight nature. Easily fit into your ear as of its customized feature.

In this you will have three customization options with ear wings pairs of nine, letting you to choose your best configuration and fitting. BE Sport4 almost have the best quality you need to wear and hear. Automatic connectivity is also one of the feature of BE Sport4, it automatically connects your headphones after a dc issue.

Frankly speaking if you really want some light weight earphones than. It would be a best pair for runners and work out freaks. Fellas having small ears would love to hear that this pair can also fit into small ears.


These earphones are purposefully designed for exercise activities, as the earbuds are wonderfully stable and can be used for jogging or running purposes. It won’t overheat the headphones and comfy to wear.

Dealing with outside noise is pretty much annoying whether you’re at your workout session or at the bar, NuForce BE Sport 4 always been so effective with noise cancellation capability and you can adjust between high and low frequencies by your choice. It charges fairly, quickly too and have 10 hours’ battery life.


Manufacturer: Optoma

Weight: 15 grams

Battery Life: 10 hours

Wireless Range: 33 feet

3. RHA MA390 Wireless


Since its came with a neckband pair, wireless features which adds more comfort and ease for the user with Bluetooth connectivity. Brilliantly designed with silicon band which helps resisting the sweat which may affect the earphones.

With the light weight it’s comfortable to wear it on work outs while enjoying listening to the music and cloud used to listen long lectures. The design and performance is so appealing even at a low price.


It can easily be adjusted in to small ears because when it fits in, the real amusement starts. It felt just like over ear headphone. Isn’t it really amazing to move with every beat while you’re working out as it’s really comfy to wear you’ll end up enjoying your workout even more.

If one is in a mood to listen some really good bass music all it requires to get them fit in to the ears and just one click away to your favorite rhythm, the MA390 performs all the required functions that you will ever want to listen your music in and besides that it won’t let the audio drop out plus won’t be disconnected. It charges fast by using a USB-C and works seven hours on mid-level sound volume.


Manufacturer: RHA

Weight: 39 grams

Battery Life: 12 hours

Wireless Range: 150 feet

These are the 3 best Bluetooth earbuds for 2019. They hit the top in all aspects like design, ease of use and sound performance. You’d be one happy user if you get any of these.

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