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January 10, 2016
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Schema & Structured Data

Do you own or run a WordPress blog or website?

Over the last few years, have you heard about Schema and Structured Data?

Well now we’re in 2016 Schema is becoming more important for your websites.

What is Schema?

Here is the Schema definition

What does Schema do you ask?

You can read more about Schema

Schema is like giving Google, Yahoo and Bing a business card with all the relevant details on about your business, this information will be :

Name, Address, Telephone Number, Geo Location, URL and Email Address

This information about your business is then coded into the website, so that when Google Bots arrive to crawl your site, the information is handed to them on a plate, so to speak!

This will enhance your organic rankings in the SERPS which could then mean more traffic and sales through your website.

Why do you need me do you ask?

Well the problem is if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to entering all the code for Schema then you could damage the website, which would then cost more for a developer to correct.

All I would need is access to your WordPress Admin section and then I will do all the relevant work.

You would also need to provide all of the details required to be entered into Schema code.


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