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Lookout for these digital marketing trends in 2018

Lookout for these digital marketing trends in 2018

Local SEO Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is noted among the one of the highest trending and ever-growing industry. Since it has taken over the traditional concept of marketing, almost every business who has incorporated these strategies correctly will relate to how much success they have achieved over a very less period of time.

As we have entered in the year 2018, we already know that how much people across the globe are waiting for exciting technologies to take over their lives. Here are the major technology and digital marketing trends that every business should look upon while undergoing their business and marketing operations.

The use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending technologies which the world is looking forward to integrating in 2018. As we all know that how AI is getting utilized by almost every major firm across the globe, it’s time that we should start integrating these type of technologies while defining the digital marketing strategies.  It is expected that Artificial Intelligence will be utilized by the major companies across the globe to directly interact with their customers.

One thing to notice is that the use of AI will only increase if the technology is improved over the passage of time. According to a survey, it is to notify that the use of Artificial intelligence will increase to 57%, making it very useful for the marketing executives. Artificial Intelligence will enhance the further growth of the company by expanding the range of its targeted audience.

The use of live videos and increased viewership

Just like we all know about artificial intelligence, live videos are nothing new to the world. Since, the famous social media hunk, Facebook incorporated live videos into their user interface, the dynamics of the business industry has changed a lot.

We all know that people across the globe love watching videos and with this, marketers have a great chance to initiate live videos into their digital marketing strategies. According to a survey, 80% of the people stated that they would love to watch videos rather than reading a blog probably because videos are more entertaining and interactive. Always use live videos to promote events such as sales and other activities to interact more customers.

Marketing Trends and Local SEO

The growth of mobile-oriented websites

Since the smartphone industry has emerged to be one of the strongest platforms, every industry is trying to capitalize on the benefits of modern day mobile application. If your website is not at all mobile-friendly, this is the best time to initiate this strategy. Customers now always look for ease and comfort and if your website is not mobile friendly, the search engine might penalize you for this.

According to the latest industry standards, it is advisable to redesign your website and design it in such a way that it is accessible on different major platforms such as handhelds, tablets, and laptops. Making your website and mobile application user-friendly should be the primary objective of the company.

The growth of content marketing

Content marketing strategy equally plays an important role than any other digital marketing strategy and is also rated among one of the best strategies to incorporate. According to another survey, the majority of the people claimed that they would rather learn about the brand through a blog than a small featured advertisement.

One of the major benefits of incorporating content marketing is that it is less expensive than any other strategy and is also very easy to initiate. With how technology is developing, content marketing is not bound to blogs only, but also we have videos and infographics taking over the strategy.

The impact of voice searches

Up till now, we have recognized that technology is ever growing and the use of technology in future will increase. People are always willing to adopt the latest technology and industry features. With high-tech advancements, customers can now use voice searches through major platforms such as smartphones, smart speakers, tablets, laptops, and desk computers. The survey suggests that by the year 2020, 50% of all the major searches will probably be voice searches.

Integrating social media platforms

If you have not been using social media for your brand promotions, then you are missing out on a lot of leads. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now utilized by all the leading companies and are used to expand the horizon of their targeted audience. Every digital marketer must add social media strategies to its list to maximize its target audience.

Initiate the use AR and VR technologies

Augmented and Virtual Reality will be one of the most attention-seeking trends of 2018. Since we have seen that how retail world is looking to incorporate Augmented Reality into their industry, both of the technology will play a very important role to promote major brands.

Companies like IKEA has already incorporated Augmented Reality to attract more customers towards their products. The use of virtual reality is equally important. Since the major tech updates are giving an opportunity to all the major brands to promote their services through virtual reality, the marketers should again add this to their checklist.


This is perhaps the best time to incorporate digital marketing strategies into your business. Well, there are still a lot of companies who have not incorporated digital marketing strategies to their fullest and with this, we can conclude that those companies are missing out on a lot of things. Initiating and incorporating latest digital marketing strategies will probably enhance your level of efficiency and will definitely boost your business awareness.

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