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Google Mesh Wi-Fi Reviewed: A router from the future


Mesh WIFI is a new trend of a Wi-Fi technology, which is meant to solve all the problems that a traditional routers and extenders were meant to solve. Mesh Wi-Fi System comes with a router and satellites. The satellites are configured within sync with the mesh router and they provide a seamless strong signals to every corner of the houses.  

A question arises, which one is the best Mesh Router, it’s our job to guide you. In Markets different Mesh WIFI routers are available but among them the Best mesh WIFI Router is of google, period. A giant Corporation like google offers you the best Mesh wifi Router with its own application to guide, control and make changes, with reasonable price you got a perfect one. Google mesh wifi router gives you the best connection of internet everywhere in your workplace or home with ease, simplest technology, with affordable price than other mesh routers. 

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To understand why I choose Google mesh wifi router as best then let’s see what are its specs and details. 

Pros and cons of Mesh WiFi router: 


  • Simplest in installation 
  • Google app for customization and control 
  • Automatic repair and crash system 


  • Doesn’t support more than AC1200 technology 
  • Lack Tri-Band Frequency 
  • No parental control 


 Mesh wifi routers are new technology and everyone wants their product to be the best so google offer its Mesh router with new design and spec with makes it different from other. Each google wifi Mesh unit is a round and somewhat cylindrical in shape with a White LED G band in its center. The device 4.1 x 2.7 inches and its dimensions ranged from 68.7 to 106.1 H x D. you can use any google wifi unit as a core router and can set up the other unit anywhere in the house where the internet is connection through wireless function with the help of an app. Each core unit contain 2 ports of one LAN and the other is WAN. Each unit is not heavy as Netgear Orbi so their weight in 320 grams per unit. Between each LAN and WAN port there is USB port. 


Google mesh wifi router offers you a distinct feature then others router. Each Google Router consists of Quad Core ARM processor up to 710MHz each core. The router can have access both beamforming frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The most important and new feature in mesh router industry that google offers is an application for both windows and IOS to control the devices and see the whole the process and a given QR code on the back of the router will help the app to identify the network configurations setting and will ask you to name your network and secure it by giving it a password. Another feature of the google mesh wifi is that it automatically switches among the frequencies from 2.4 to 5 GHz unlike Netgear Orbi which can be customized. 


Google mesh wifi router may be easy to setup and use because of its application that google offers but the key for buying the router is its performance which is satisfactory and assured. The google mesh wifi router channel both frequency 2.4 and 5 GHz which is good and it also draws the full connection of MBPs which is offered. It can easily stream 4k videos on Netflix, HULU even in the basement. A self damage or repair system is available in the Google mesh wifi router that can easily solve the problem of accidently unplugging or switching off any node. The downloading speed at 2.4GHz are alike or similar as Netgear orbi give so there is not a big difference in the performance of both router during comparison with Netgear Orbi. As google mesh wifi router is build in AC1200 technology but the problem with google mesh wifi router is that it cannot be accessed with the technology of AC3000 and AC2200 which is its cons. 

Final Verdict: 

Google mesh wifi router is the easiest router to setup we have ever seen it mesh industry and due to that it gives an edge over other mesh router in functionality. The simplest router works good and as equal to other router for which we pay high while google gives you the same advantages on a less price then other. Among all the router that we have seen recently google mesh wifi router is the best because of its self-repair system, an application to configure, its both beamforming band technology f 2.4 and 5 GHz. Google lacks an issue of security which can be easily be accessed in other Mesh router like Netgear Orbi and it don’t have an option of parental control.  

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